House Clearance

Prime Movers can also provide a full or part house, garden, garage or shed clearance for you. There are many reasons why you may need to clear your home; perhaps you’re down-sizing or maybe a relative has passed away and you need to clear their furniture for Probate. As with all our other services, we are fully insured.

We can pick up your items, for a haulage charge, and deliver to a destination of your choice, or alternatively, as we are registered waste disposers, we can take your waste to the local recycling centre or dump to be disposed of. We will provide you with written evidence stating that we have received your rubbish, so you are no longer responsible for it. This will mean you don’t need to be concerned about any unlawful dumping.

Whatever your needs, please contact us for a personal quotation that covers everything that you require.

Aftenhanced1er your items have been loaded, this form will be completed by us and signed by you, to state that the waste has been transferred over to Prime Movers, which you can then keep for your records.







IMG_09361As we enter the recycling centre, the vehicle is weighed and licence shown. On exit, the van is weighed again to determine the weight of the waste dumped.







enhanced van1We enter the dump and park at the designated site to offload.








IMG_09891The van is offloaded by us, and waste disposed of.